Software Freedom Day 2014 ( The Event )

20th September 2014, the day arrived and we all were ready to spread words about open source to our participants.

Unlike last year (Year 2013) we were celebrating SFD 2014 on a much smaller scale. But we got more positive response this time.
Event Details:
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00pm
Date:20th September 2014
Venue: National Infotech College, Birgunj, Nepal

We had kept our agendas quite simple and focused to few topics.
Our Agendas were :

  • Intro to Open source and Open Source movement.
  • Importance and necessity of Open Source.
  • Intro to Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software.
  • Linux, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
  • Intro about Mozilla Community and Organization.
  • Discussion about the role of Mozilla Community, Mozilla mission and the Open web.
  • Importance of open web and web literacy.
  • Discussion about Firefox and Webmaker tools.
  • Different ways of Using Linux  as an Operating System for PCs
  • Hands on Lab for making Live USB of different Linux Distros.

We had 40 participants this times and they were of different age groups and academic level (ranging from School kids to college students).

Some Pics from the event:


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