Software Freedom Day 2014 with NIMOZ Firefox Club

Software Freedom Day 2014 ( The Planning of Event )

The SFD 2014 was arriving nearer and all the memories of SFD 2013 flashed back in front of my eyes. Last year we had 800 participants, our team worked  from August last week till the last day i.e 21st September 2013 SFD, It was the biggest Open source event ever happened at Birgunj with grand success.

A question raised in my mind,”But what about this year???
My team mates where not in my contacts, our college had ended last months after exams and we hadn’t discussed about SFD 2014 even for once.
We will be celebrating SFD 2014 or not?? How to communicate with my Team?? How to inform attendees and others??
Lots of similar questions and doubts were revolving in my minds.

5 days before SFD 2014 i went to college for some works, there my teachers asked me, “What are your Plans for SFD this year? Do it we will provide whatever you want.” This was the spark for me, i said to myself it was me who started these things here and once again i will have to initiate it .

I discussed about this with my best team mates Neha Gupta, Arati Singh  and conveyed them our teachers message, and booommmm!!! at once they said lets do it, no matter it will be on a smaller level, no matter it will be not like the previous year celebration, but we need to mark this day, its our signature event, we can’t let it go like this only. Their words were enough for me and together we started to plan the event.

Our biggest Challenge was the time, we had only 4 days left for SFD 2014 and we haven’t started yet. We needed some more support, some more motivation. On the very next day we went to our college with a rough sketch in our mind, discussed our plan with our HOD and then with our Principal sir and that was the point when our eyes dazzled with lots of hope and our body got charged with lots of positive vibe.

Our principal sir just said ” DO it, am with you all, college will provide whatever you want, don’t worry about anything. From participants snacks,Event hall, internet connection, Power back up  each and every thing will be from college’s side.
That’s it, it was more than enough for us .

We 3 team mates tried to communicate other team members and in meanwhile were planning for the event. Just before 2 days of SFD we tried to inform as much students and persons as we can and sketched down all the planning on the notepad. As soon the plan for celebration was ready we mailed it to our principal sir,[ we need to be formal 😉  😀 ] .

We got response from two of our best team mates  Khushbu Gupta and
Dipu Gupta they were ready to help us in any possible way. Moreover, many others contacted us to know about event, getting this kind of response we were like ” We will make it good this time too”.

Now our fingers were crossed. We were all set to Celebrate Software Freedom Day once again.


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