“Building the Web” ( 3 Days Camp on HTML, CSS, Webmaker…..)

Building the web” a 3 days workshop on HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Webmaker tools(Thimble, Popcorn, X-Ray goggle) and Google tools(Search, Drive, mail etc) was jointly conducted by NIMOZ Firefox Club and Google Developers Group Birgunj .

Venue: National Infotech College, Birgunj, Nepal

Date: 30th Jan 2014 to 1st Feb 2014

The first 2 days of workshop focused on teaching the attendees about HTML, CSS, HTML5 and  JavaScript.

On the very first day NIMOZ Firefox club launched a new way to spread words about Open Source and Mozilla, we started “Open Bulletin Board” at our college campus, in this approach we will be simply putting short templates on our notice board at regular intervals, these templates will contain information about various Open source Software and projects as well as about Mozilla.

NIMOZ Firefox  Club Open Bulletin Board

NIMOZ Firefox Club Open Bulletin Board

On the third day NIMOZ Firefox Club introduced attendees to Webmaker and Firefox Developer toolbar.

The third day session for Webmaker and Developer toolbar was carried out by Aman Routh (NIMOZ Firefox Club Lead) along with Neha Gupta (FSA from NIMOZ) and Arati Singh (FSA from NIMOZ).

Seeing some cool remixes being performed in-front of their eyes, the attendees enthusiasm and interest reached to peak.
They were amazed to see how easily they can change content of any site by using X-Ray Goggle. Thimble showed them new way to build cards and greetings exactly  in the way they liked so that they can express their feelings with the remix, popcorn tool brought out curious artist within them.

The 3D view tool in Developer Toolbar amazed them most they all started laughing and applauded for us, we got some remarkable comments from them, here we have tried to list few of them

Here are few words spoke by attendees after watching the remixes:

  • “I am in love with Firefox now”.
  • “Thank you for this workshop, now we really feel we can hack the web”.
  • “Finding errors in code with Developer toolbar console is so easy, teacher never told us that we can debug HTML and JavaScript in that way”.

Some Pics from the Event:

IMG_20140201_113940  IMG_20140201_132018 IMG_20140201_113859 IMG_20140201_121104 IMG_20140201_120740 IMG_20140201_123240 IMG_20140201_122035 IMG_20140201_132923 IMG_20140201_123838 IMG_20140201_123609IMG_20140201_124202


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